Which Type Of Generator Is Best For You? How Do You Choose A Generator? What Should You Look For When Comparing Generators?

Standby power generators are large purchases that require all the information you can get to make the right choice. 

Cummings, Yamaha , Honda generators, Tiger generators, Davis and Shirtliff generators, Atlas copco generators, kohler generators and Mantrac generators are some of the best generators to buy in Kenya.

Unfortunately, all generators are not created equal!

There are a few critical aspects you need to watch out for before purchasing a standby generator.

As a first step, you must know how much backup power you will need the generator to supply.

You should conduct a power assessment of your home or business if you have not yet performed one. Your home or business needs ultimately determine the standby generator you require from a range of different models.

There are 3 things that you should consider when comparing standby generators to purchase after receiving quotations from different generator suppliers.     

3 Things to Consider When Comparing Generators

1) Is the generator equipped with a transfer switch?

Transfers switches are important backup generator components since they are designed to ensure that the generator can draw power from multiple sources of power.

Transfer switches help you isolate your backup generator from your utility system when installing the generator to the wiring system of your facility.

The importance of transfer switches is emphasized by regulation that makes it illegal to connect your standby generator directly to any point on your wiring system to avoid back-feeding.

Back-feeding occurs when power runs out of the house into a transformer, which may damage the transformer.

Transfer switches must be considered for all installations.

There are generator manufacturers that do not offer standby generators with transfer switches. It is important, therefore, to consider purchasing manual or automatic transfer switches with your backup generator.

The difference between these transfer switches is that the automatic transfer switch does not require you to switch it on in case of an outage compared to a manual switch.

Automatic switches are generally more expensive than manual switches. The transfer switch is responsible for making the change-over in case of a power blackout, which is something that you should consider when purchasing a standby generator.

Transfer switches, therefore, determine the working of electrical systems that have a backup generator. In case you purchase a generator and a transfer switch independently, you should always ensure that a licensed electrician does the installation.

2) Where will the generator be Installed?

Have you considered where you will place the generator?

Some generator models are smaller and can be placed in small yards near your house as they do not take up much space while other backup generators are larger and cannot be placed close to your house or home. 

You must find a spot in your yard that is far from vents, windows, and doors. The environment you live in is also an important consideration. For example, if you live on the coast, you should consider a standby generator that is less prone to corrosion as there is a lot of salt in the air.

You need to conduct extensive research on the unique needs and environment of your home before purchasing a standby generator.

Suppliers usually have insights on the optimal placement of your generator, meaning that you should choose those suppliers that give you specialized information.

Your generator installer should also give you information on any custom work that is required during installation such as burying the generator cables or building a concrete slab for placing the generator.

3) What is the capacity and type of fuel used by the generator?

The most common fuels for generators are diesel and petrol.  

You must discuss with your generator dealer on the best fuel options for your desired generator system.

Each of the fuel types has its own ideal situation. The size of the generator and the electrical load usually determines the type of fuel used.

Diesel is reserved for larger standby generators that are more powerful while petrol is usually reserved for smaller generators that are used in small businesses and homes.

You should also consider half-load and full-load fuel consumption when purchasing a standby generator. 


The 3 questions above will allow you to choose the ideal backup generator for your situation as well as the best dealer.

If you are still not sure which standby generator to purchase, you can reach out to us. We will ensure that we assist you in choosing the best generator to buy. 

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