Should You Consider Going Solar in Kenya?

Solar has become a buzzword now – everywhere there is something about solar going on. But why should you consider solar? Is it really cheaper than the utility, and does it make economic sense? These are the reasons why you should consider going solar for your home or business in Kenya.

1. Solar is an abundant free resource

It is a known fact that Africa is such a resourceful continent. The sun levels received in most of the continent is more than sufficient to provide solar power for homes and commercial use. Specifically, Kenya’s location in the tropics means that the sun levels available all year round is perfect to produce enough power. Compared to other locations further off from the Equator such as most of Europe, Far East and North America, the exposure to the sun that Kenya receives makes it an ideal location for a solar power system. Solar power for homes and businesses in Kenya makes a lot of sense.

2. Use solar to reduce your power bills

By using solar, you reduce the cost of power from the utility company. Given the fact that most utility companies tend to be unpredictable in costs, solar power offers a viable alternative to significantly reduce your power bills. For large power users that cannot put the entire facility on solar due to the huge initial capital outlay, you can utilize solar for selected large loads while powering others using the utility. By putting your heavy consumers on solar, you can significantly reduce your power bills. Over the long haul, the savings accumulate to a huge amount that directly translates to your bottom line.

3. Use solar to be less dependent on Kenya Power

Every once in a while the grid goes down. And depending on which part of Kenya you are, power outage can last from a few minutes to several days. The impact of power outage can be significant. For most businesses power is an important factor of production, whether you are a small restaurant, a hospital facility or a huge production plant. By having appropriately designed solar solutions, power outages become a thing of the past and thereby ensuring business continuity and productivity.

4. Solar power is a good investment in Kenya

Solar is a good investment, and especially for businesses that are heavily reliant on mains electricity and diesel generators for their operations. With falling prices and more options becoming available, commercial grid-tie solar project can have quick paybacks of 4 years, making perfect economic sense, and especially over the 25 year lifetime of a solar system. There are financing solutions available in the market, which means that the business does not have to put down the initial capital to install a solar system. Such options have made it easier to adopt solar and real the benefits.

If you are considering solar for your home or business, you can be confident that the benefits you stand to reap will be beneficial both in the short term and in the long run.

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