3-phase power services in Kenya

Power supply for electrical equipment can be categorized as either single phase or three-phase. Single phase power supply is generally used to supply power when the required power is low like for domestic applications. Three-phase power on the other hand is used when the power required is high, and is mostly used to run heavy machinery and equipment in factories and other commercial applications.

It is possible to upgrade your supply from single phase to three-phase. This can be occasioned by an increase in your load, or if you want to run bigger machinery that runs on three phase. With a three phase supply, a small business can expand its production and operations by using equipment to automate their operations. Common equipment that requires three phase include commercial ovens for bakeries, welding machines and carpentry for cottage industries, grain milling equipment, milking and dairy processing machines and packaging machines and many more.

Kenya Power has a procedure for applying for the change of your power supply. To do this, send your current Kenya Power account number followed by your name or name of the business to Kenya Power. The format is (SME acc. Number, name). You can do this by SMS to 95551 or via email to sme@kplc.co.ke.

The application will be received and reviewed by Kenya Power in order to determine eligibility for the upgrade. Those who qualify for the up-grade to three-phase will be upgraded by Kenya Power at no upfront cost. The utility will cover the initial costs which will be recouped over a period of time through the monthly bills.

Once the system is installed, you can go on and grow your business by utilizing heavy machinery to increase production. Whenever your 3-phase power supply system breaks down, it requires specialized skill and expertise to sort the problem fast and prevent significant inconveniences or loss of revenue for a business.  Get fast and effective expert support & repair service for your 3-phase power from Support.ke

Our services are available on-demand, serving you just when you need them. Our 3-phase power services include the following:

(a) Design, installation & integration of 3-phase power supply

(b) Troubleshooting, repair & maintenance of 3-phase Power systems

(c) Protection of LV, MV & HV power systems

(d) Power factor correction for 3-phase systems

(e) We offer both remote & on-site expert support service.

At Support.KE we are committed to supporting your 3-phase power systems and ensuring that you make the most of your power. We offer troubleshooting, repairs, preventive maintenance & installation services for 3-phase power systems. Get support today. Call us toll-free on 0800 211 245.

Eng. Muchemi

Eng. Muchemi is an Electrical and Solar Engineer with experience in designing, installing, repairing and maintaining electrical and power systems. He enjoys making pizza and barbeque when he's not working with wires.

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